Sunday, January 1, 2012

Underground Video Television (UVTV) features Digmetalworld music videos

To start out this new year 2012, the independent music channel UVTV (Underground Video Television) has released an special podcast episode featuring music videos from the label Digmetalworld. You can watch the video podcast on the following link:

The list of music videos is the following:

  1. NUCLEAR - Criminal Solicitation
  2. DYNAHEAD - Layers of Lies
  3. OBSCENE - The Convolution Day
  4. LIVIN GARDEN - Age Of Lies
  5. SACRAMENTO - Fallecer
  6. DESECRATED SPHERE - Gospel Is Dead
  7. DYNAHEAD - Eventide
  8. RATZINGER - Make-Make
  9. WARCHEST - Aftershock
  10. SACRED OATH - Meet Your Maker
  11. VASTATOR - Machine Hell

Digmetalworld was created in 2007 and it has been promoting and distributing South American Metal bands through iTunes, Amazon, Napster, CDBaby and many other retail stores in the US.

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